Monday, July 12, 2010

“Lowell's Revitalization”

Revitalize - to give new life or vigor to. Webster's Dictionary

The Tully, Dukakis, Tsongas connection was huge in Lowell’s revival back in the day … and the vision has evolved. Except for one thing … Paul was quarterback on a team focused on bringing major businesses to the Lowell area.

Besides the additional apartments, condos, retail, etc. that the Hamilton Canal Distric development promises, the City needs a central business district. The area along and around Father Morrisette Blvd. offers prime commercial real estate opportunities to fuel the economy of the Downtown with its expanded resources. UML's vision of bringing modern day research, development and manufacturing opportunities to the City can flourish by a literal connection to the Downtown. The corridor is largely underutilized, with some incredible amenities built in.

The effectiveness of the Lowell Plan, Center City Committee and Lowell Financial Development Corp. has waned. Note the political “communities” now developing in Lowell's neighborhoods. If this new brand of leadership continues to organize, and, can work collectively by engaging in consensus building efforts; Lowell can be the regional, national and international economic development leader that Adam Baacke often speaks about. But to achieve this, Lowell needs fresh "new" visionaries who are capable and willing to run point while working in a political environment.

Consensus building requires community leaders and competent facilitators who can organize with stakeholders willing to collaborate with the general public in defining, embracing and progressing the concept of Citywide revitalization.