Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thousands Flock to Boston, Call For Action to Move Society Beyond Fossil Fuels

They said it couldn't be done, but it appears as if Zip Cars are coming to Lowell. Anyone who's interested in forming a group to participate in the following, whether by carpooling or bicycling to Gallagher Terminal, please let me know. In the meantime, read on:

Note: Sam Burke was one of  a group of college students calling themselves Climate Summer who came to Lowell last June to educate us about sustainability in hands on fashion as they toured New England on bicycles to show us how its done. This is what she's up to now:


September 14, 2011
Contact: Sam Burke, (267) 221-2100,
Boston, MA—On Saturday, Sept. 24, citizens from across New England will join in a global event, Moving Planet, calling on elected leaders, businesses, and communities to get serious about moving beyond fossil fuels and addressing climate change.
Travelling to Boston by bicycle, boat, public transportation, and on foot, citizens will unite in a peaceful, festive rally at Columbus Waterfront Park, with music, speakers, and creative displays of what New England is doing to move beyond fossil fuels. Inspired by the global grassroots network and convened by Cambridge-based Better Future Project, Moving Planet: New England will be one of several simultaneous events in major U.S. cities that day.

  • Hundreds of people biking, marching, taking trains, buses from around New England to Boston.
  • Thousands rallying for an end to fossil fuels.
  • Climate, health, and justice activists, veterans, religious leaders, church members
  • Organizations like Massachusetts Interfaith Power and Light, NH Green Coalition, Students for a Just and Stable Future, and Boston Climate Action Network.
  • Speakers include environmental justice activists, military veterans, and religious leaders.
  • North Station, South Station, Park Street Station, and Long Wharf North. (Rolling parades)
  • Columbus Waterfront Park (Rally for Solutions)
WHEN: Saturday, September 24
  • Rolling parades will depart from 3-3:45 PM.
  • The Rally for Solutions will take place from 3:50-6 PM.
  • Hundreds of citizens traveling to Rally for Solutions on foot, by bicycle, with colorful banners
  • Parents and children uniting in a call for a fossil fuel-free world
  • Signs calling for 100% renewable energy, more bicycle lanes, and increased public transportation
  • Environmental justice, military, and religious leaders addressing a large and growing crowd
  • Volunteers bicycling to power the sound system of bicycle-powered band Melodeego
Moving Planet: New England is part of a worldwide day of action calling for a fossil fuel-free world. Hundreds of thousands are expected to participate by moving their bodies towards solutions to climate change in nearly 2,000 events across on 6 continents. The event is convened by A Better Future Project and is part of the international Moving Planet: A Day to Move Beyond Fossil Fuels spearheaded by

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Great Big Sean...

If you missed the phenomenon out of Newfoundland that is Great Big Sea, who absolutely delighted, energized and thoroughly entertained a capacity crowd at Boarding House Park last Friday night in their attendance record setting appearance (biggest show of the season so far) at the Lowell Summer Music Series, do not dispare...come down from the widow's walk and rejoice. Your ship has come in! to speak.

The charming and charismatic Sean McCann (pictured center playing guitar) will be back in the area before you know it. His side project, Sean McCann and the Committed, are embarking on a northeast tour in support of their new record Son of a Sailor. Fans of Great Big Sea will not be disappointed by this offering and his area shows in early October. 10/5 @ The Brighton Music Hall and 10/6 @ The Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury Beach, MA.

Jack Baldwin and I had the pleasure of chatting with Sean last week, he had great things to say about our fair city of Lowell, the history of Great Big Sea as well as his other band, The Committed, that will be coming back through in October. Below is a link to that interview.

For more on the new record and upcoming shows visit


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lowell's prodigal bluesboy returns!!

Frank Morey and His Band will be playing the Backpage Club in Kearney Square this Saturday night, his debut in that new venue. I was in the club this past spring watching a the act du jour, and the Backpage is fast becoming known for solid bookings on a consistant basis, when I caught a glimpse of Lowell's own Frank Morey and Scott Pittman on the large screen tv. The pair were being profiled on NECN's Style Boston program for their increasingly epic tenure at the Plow & Star in Cambridge. I am so excited to see Frank and the Band back in Lowell in the flesh. For Lowellian music fans who can't get enough of their hometown, tastefully woven into passionate roots music, I highly recommend you try to secure a copy of Frank's early offering "Bourbon Soaked Halo" will not be dissappointed.

Frank called Jack Baldwin and I this morning on the Mid-Day cafe to talk about bringing it all back home, so to speak...below is a link to the interview.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Lowell Rocks the Vote" on LTC Channel 10

LIVE Broadcast Schedule: Thursday night segments 7-8pm

Oct. 6 - Register to Vote
Oct. 19 - Last day to register for Nov. 8 Election
Nov. 3 - Get Out the Vote!
November 8 - Election

A production
A Lowell Center City Committee presentation

Candidates Corner

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Riverwalk Extensions: Another base hit for Lowell National Historical Park

According to today's Lowell Sun, the Lowell National Historical Park (LNHP) has received a $1 million grant to extend the Riverwalk. (see

Having attended some of the recent Master Plan update sessions, one of the areas of discussion involved connecting the neighborhoods with downtown and vice versa via bike routes and walking paths, and generally improving access across the City. The "Sustainability" theme addresses "walkability" as a critical goal and the City is to be commended for its foresight in this area.

So, once again we're seeing the partnership between the City and the LNHP in action as the Riverwalk extension will continue the "walk" from Boott Mills under the Cox (Bridge St.) Bridge along the mills to the Concord River inlet into the Merrimack River (see photo). Plans for the extension to MCC and the Lowell Memorial Auditorium are also in progress, with a total of $2.3 million needed to complete the package. My hope is that a pedestrian access point is planned at the Bridge Street Bridge.

Furthermore, the LNHP also has plans to extend the Riverwalk along Pawtucket Blvd. from the Esplanade to the School Street Bridge, and, to create a park at the Spaulding House grounds with a short extension to the Middlesex Canal area. Work along the downtown "canal walks" also continues. So the LNHP is well ahead of the funding with the planning. Thank you to grantwriter Christina Briggs for keeping an eye out for all available grants, and, to the City and LNHP in general for their foresight and perseverance.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Blog Returns

The blog will pick up where it left off with discussions about "Lowell's Revitalization" and other subjects. Contributors for the site are now being considered, and we now announce that associate "Wireless" Mike Flynn of 980WCAP is a resident blogger.

All posts are subject to approval prior to release on the Blog.

Tune in to 980WCAP on Tuesday's at 10:30am for "The Lowell Connection"; and Friday's for the segment of "Livin' for the Weekend!" with Jack Baldwin. And of course, visit for info about all things Lowell.

Monday, July 12, 2010

“Lowell's Revitalization”

Revitalize - to give new life or vigor to. Webster's Dictionary

The Tully, Dukakis, Tsongas connection was huge in Lowell’s revival back in the day … and the vision has evolved. Except for one thing … Paul was quarterback on a team focused on bringing major businesses to the Lowell area.

Besides the additional apartments, condos, retail, etc. that the Hamilton Canal Distric development promises, the City needs a central business district. The area along and around Father Morrisette Blvd. offers prime commercial real estate opportunities to fuel the economy of the Downtown with its expanded resources. UML's vision of bringing modern day research, development and manufacturing opportunities to the City can flourish by a literal connection to the Downtown. The corridor is largely underutilized, with some incredible amenities built in.

The effectiveness of the Lowell Plan, Center City Committee and Lowell Financial Development Corp. has waned. Note the political “communities” now developing in Lowell's neighborhoods. If this new brand of leadership continues to organize, and, can work collectively by engaging in consensus building efforts; Lowell can be the regional, national and international economic development leader that Adam Baacke often speaks about. But to achieve this, Lowell needs fresh "new" visionaries who are capable and willing to run point while working in a political environment.

Consensus building requires community leaders and competent facilitators who can organize with stakeholders willing to collaborate with the general public in defining, embracing and progressing the concept of Citywide revitalization.